Build it and they will come

I’m afraid it’s just not the case with apps and websites…

However, this is where we come into our element – with our large social media following and social media ad marketing expertise we have the ability to get your app in the Top Charts. With in-depth analytics we can prove how effective we are at converting possible downloads to users – so you’re always below your desired download cost. So if you’re after downloads enquire about ASO (App Store Optimisation)…

AD.C’s Director started out working in an Experiential Marketing Agency in London. Through this experience he worked with large companies such as Coca Cola and Sky right down to smaller businesses with just a few staff. No matter the size of the business the client always wanted the same things:

•Someone they could phone or contact whenever they had a problem/question.

•Someone who responded quickly and answered the questions set.

•Someone who listened to want the client wants, then implements it!

•An awesome product that they want to tell their friends and family about.

All of these points have been heavily installed throughout the business and we pride ourselves on ticking these factors.


When you come to us at App Design Company with a brief or idea about an App we work with you to figure out the most important and fundamental parts of your project and attempt to simplify the design to promote those factors.

Our App Design Company team can cover everything to do with your app from the design of the user interface, the logo, app store screenshots and even an unique website to promote the app.

We use up to date (rather expensive!) software designed to wireframe and design applications that look beautiful and are universally compatible over a number of devices. We won’t stop until we’ve got the design bang on!

Why not take a look at our portfolio of apps – we really do have the capability to create any type of app with any type of functionality – Game apps, Business apps, Social Apps, Navigation Apps and a load more too!


Our Web Design and Development skills span from WordPress to PHP to HTML to CSS – There isn’t much we can’t do with a keyboard, screen and mouse!

After years of developing websites at App Design Company we now have a slick process that results in clean, modern sites that are always built with a few key goals in mind depending on what you want from the site.

Websites can be pretty to look at but  if they don’t have the consumer journey in mind, they can be pretty useless too! That’s why we try and forge a clear customer journey from a consumer clicking on your website to checkout or conversion.

Depending on the goals of your website, be that making more sales, increased leads, more email subscribers or anything else for that matter, we will build your website around these key points.

All of our sites are Responsive which means they automatically resize themselves on any device – phone, tablet or computer.

Get your mouse and move your cursor to the outside of the web browser window, resize the window, play around a bit and you will see that the text, pictures and layout intelligently adjust to the size of your screen. That’s Responsive Web Design!


Through experience we hated being passed from person to person, so we’ve put a stop to it. Your Project Manager will be your eyes and ears for the whole project and will be on call 7 days a week for any questions you need answering.

From initial contact all the way to your app or website going live you’ll have an allocated  App Design Company Project Manager. Your PM will be your point of contact through the entire project and in our experience that leads to a more coherent and simple working relationship – We know there’s nothing more annoying than telling different people the same things all the time!


This way you’ll get the app or website you always wanted up and running with less stumbling blocks along the way.